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Shale Plays Media is a news, jobs, and industry marketplace
network built around the global shale plays.

Shale Digital Content Network

Shale Plays Media LLC is poised to be the largest digital content network surrounding the emerging global shale energy revolution.  Shale Plays Media will be dedicated to bringing News, Jobs, Marketplace and educational information to our global network of sites which currently includes live sites such as,, and

Our Mission

The mission of Shale Plays Media is to be the best at delivering Shale related news, jobs, and information to our readership surrounding the worldwide shale industry.

Shale News

A search for shale news became a project to become a news source.  Co-founders Michael Marcil and Lewis Amicone had a desire to know what was going on in the shale energy sector. They tired of searching google for tidbits of shale energy news content from dozens of sources and discovered a need for there to be a “one stop shop” for shale energy news.

Our searches for shale news was initially to find out what was happening in our community and state. We realized that shale news articles were as sporadic as the locations of new oil rigs popping up every day across the United States and so we decided to do something about it. We started with a simple site about western North Dakota ( and before we knew it, there was a demand for sites about news in other parts of the country.
-Michael Marcil, Co-Founder & CEO Shale Plays Media